Version and track your terms of service and privacy statement

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version your terms

Version your terms

Go back in time to older versions of your terms. Automatically notify your customers when an update has been made.

track your terms

Track who accepts

Track who accepts your terms of service. Keep tabs on who signed what and when.

summarize your terms

Summarize your terms

Clarify what your terms mean so that your customers are aware of what they're signing up for.

Don't be like...

Patreon that got stuck paying for filing fees for arbitration.

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Zappos who thought using their site was a binding agreement.

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Netscape who didn't clearly present their terms of service.

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Overstock who didn't properly notify users of their terms of service.

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Barnes and Noble who assumed that a link is sufficient for notifying users of their terms.

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Be like...

Google who had their users click a button to accept their terms before using their stuff.

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