1. Find the hidden command in the terminal to win the game.
  2. Remember to use lowercase commands.
  3. DO NOT break the terms of service.

Story (Optional)

"Hey man,"" says the intern, tapping on your shoulder.

"The boss asked me to set up his laptop," he explains, "for some big presentation he's doing. IT says he needs to use this weird software to open the video. I have no idea how to get it working."

"The meeting is in five minutes!" The intern piles up the laptop, charger, and other things you don't need in your life on your desk. Then they make a break for it.

"Well," they continue, uneasy, "I'm usually good at this stuff. But I just can't get this software working."

The intern explains, "something about not meeting quotas and cuts. I'm not sure."

You remember that this is a small department, with not much to cut back on.

You look at the laptop and press "any" key.

The laptop lazily comes out of stand-by. The (conveniently) text-based software is already open, and displaying a lot of text…